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  • Is my choice of a web host really that important?  By : Bueford Copeland
    With such a huge market of web hosts on the Internet you may be lead to believe that they all are basically the same. I would caution you to rethink this philosophy.
  • Should I Resell Web Hosting?  By : Bueford Copeland
    As nearly every web host provides the option to purchase reseller accounts, the Internet has seen a significant increase in 3rd party hosting companies looking to develop a stable recurring income. With a market filled with competition you have probably asked yourself, "Should I become a reseller?"
  • Ways to Avoid the 1998 Look on Your Website  By : Lee Asher
    If you've looked around at a few websites, you might have noticed that many of them look absolutely terrible. In many cases, this is because they were produced in the early days of the web's mainstream popularity, but they haven't been maintained or updated since.
  • Understanding HTML  By : Lee Asher
    HTML is a relatively simple language, in some places it is almost completely readable and understandable but that doesn't stop people from having problems with it. Why is that? It's mainly because, while the HTML tags themselves are easy, creating an HTML document that works as intended on a web server requires you to know a few extra things that aren't often explained.
  • Setting Up Your Payment Options  By : Lee Asher
    When you're selling things, you need people to be able to pay you. Sure, they could send you cheques in the post, but that's not really convenient or scalable, is it? And not only that, in todays modern business environment customers have come to expect quick, reliable and secure payment options. | | | | | | | |

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